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el pirata swordLegend has it, the Pirates that sailed the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean carried peppers in their hold to fight scurvy and occasionally use as weapons in the eyes of their enemies. We’re not sure if the legend is true, but we do know that the finest chillies in Mexico grow where the weather is warm and mountains collect the sea air.

Many generations ago (more than we can remember, honestly) our family in the Veracruz region began making their own delicious chipotles to share with their friends. These recipes and rituals have been refined by the tests of time, and have never tasted better.

starUn Tesoro de Sabor!!!star
(a treasure of flavor!)
Chiles El Pirata D’Córdoba products for everyone – for dining tables of Mexico and the world – ready to delight the young and old. Our sauces are crafted with passion and respect for the beautiful land that sustains them.

100% Mexican products, made with 100% natural raw materials.


All of our peppers, onions, garlic and other ingredients are strictly selected to achieve the highest quality products. We give special treatment to our peppers in order to minimize the probability of spice-induced irritation or digestive disorders in sensitive people.

star Just the perfect amount of heatstar
Our traditional recipes have adapted to the gastronomic needs of today, achieving a pleasant spiciness, reducing acidity indices, lowering the levels of harmful fats, and inciting to savor the delights of Veracruz.

Our family-perfected process of picking perennial peppers (say that 5 times fast) and preparing them with simple time-tested recipes is what makes El Pirata so special. It continues to excite the most exquisite palates because we obsess on the quality of our raw materials, supplies, and process.

Today we offer 4 amazing sauces for you to enjoy.